service4Kingzone Synergy petroleum was incorporated in 2015 and has experienced unprecedented growth in the Global oil industry. The company is an independent oil services company which was formed and wholly-owned by Globals. We have quick access to international markets via our geographical spread and technology, together with access to international lines of credit.

    We are a dynamic, entrepreneurial organisation with a portfolio of world-class assets. A world class indigenous independen exploration and production (E&P) company.

    Our success depends on our ability o deliver long-term value for all our stakeholders through a clear and consistent strategy, which recognizes that our responsibilities go beyond our operations.

    Our vast experence cuts across several facets of the industry, together with affiliations with a number of reputable companies. We are professional in applying this instinctive knowledge and experience to addressing your ongoing requirement efficiently and cost-effectively.Kingzone Synergy Petroleum has reach and means to deliver high quality products and services. We understand first hand, the complexities and issues facing our industry, together with a strong grounding of the Global culture and ways of conducting business. We are able to respond swiftly to our clients requirements in a unique way

    Our team at Kingzone Synergy petroleum combines several years of experience gained from different sectors of the Global oil and gas industry. Our clients will testify of this, thanks to our technical expertise, client focus, on-time delivery, partnerships with world class companies, quality and speed of service. In addition to our  complete professionalism, we are the benchmark for the industry


    * Oil and Gas refining

    * Marketing

    * Intergrating Oil and gas

    * Oil and Gas drilling

    * Oil and Gas Exploration

    * Production

    * Oil Related services and Equipments

    * Oil Transportation Services Read more



    Plot 72/82 kudirat Abiola way, Opebi Allen Link bridge Oregun ikeja Lagos.

    Nigeria contact office: +234 8171609715, +234 8165978145,  +234 8161677257

    Lekki Regional Office: Hfp-Eastline Shopping Complex , Abraham Adensanya Roundabout. Lekki-Ekpe Expressway, Lagos.

    United Kingdom office: +447452144461


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